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Soldiers, Surfers, and Food Stamps

Posted by madjillmom on February 25, 2014

Yesterday, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, Obama’s hatchet man for the military, announced drastic cuts in our armed forces. The proposal would cut our military to levels not seen since before WW2. So now, military families will see cuts in their benefits, and will be subject to wholesale layoffs in a high unemployment “recovery”. This will weaken the military at a time when the world is ever more dangerous. China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea are all looking at this de-facto surrender.

Also, yesterday, Jesse Watters tracked down the San Diego surfer dude that was featured in a Fox News special last year on the subject of food stamps. This able-bodied 29-year-old was receiving food stamps and using them to buy lobster as needed  While interview last night, his drug riddled mind clings to the hope of a being a rock and roll star rather than growing up. Please note that while the interview was going on, he was smoking regular cigarettes.

The upshot of all this is Obama wants to cut the military but not the benefits for the deluded surfer who lives better on this perk he is handed by Uncle Sam courtesy of hard-working people. Here is the message from Obama. Sign up to defend our country against its enemies, get laid off. Sign up to surf all day, eat lobster on the taxpayer so you have enough left over to buy cigarettes, no problem, no cuts. Further last week, Obama raised minimum wage to 10.10 (once again courtesy of the tax payer) so the people working in the mess hall, dishing up the food to our nations soldiers, is being paid more that those soldiers. Message to military men – leave the military and get a job surfing on welfare or slinging hash and you will do better.

Jesse Watters asked Surfer Dude about our national debt. The surfer dude had no clue. Neither does Obama.


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Obama Says “After I Get My Way, We Can Talk”

Posted by madjillmom on October 8, 2013

Pres. Stompyfoot tells us again the he wants his way. Republicans must give up any leverage they have, reopen the government, increase the debt limit, and then, they can discuss some stuff with the President. While calling Republicans names, he tells us that he will only negotiate after he gets exactly what he wants. He says the Republicans cannot get what they want because Obama won and Romney lost. The President doubles down. He will not negotiate. The Tea Party be damned. He will not back down.

The Republicans have continued to compromise. They wanted defunding and didn’t get it. They wanted delay and didn’t get it. They wanted repeal of the medical device tax, and they didn’t get it. They wanted equal treatment and no special subsidies for congressional staffers, and they didn’t get it.

The President made a whole bunch of analogies about buying houses, burning houses, XBoxs and cars demanded when you pay your mortgage, and something else about buying a house from someone who doesn’t own the house. It was kinda unintelligible. He also said something about missing the party that is thrown for him in the Asia summit he is missing. You know it is all about him.

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Nancy’s Cupboard is Not Bare

Posted by madjillmom on September 25, 2013

Nancy Pelosi is telling us there are no more places to cut the federal government. Not so, Nancy. Here are four examples:

  • Giving Sen. Frank Lautenburg’s multi-millionaire widow a grief payment of one year of a Senator’s pay or $178,000 or close to that.
  • The Park Service spending money on a video showing young Muslim girls talking about how great Islam is for women and that it isn’t oppressive. Aren’t they supposed to have videos on bears and geysers and stuff like that?
  • Some government study to figure out why cupcake stores sprang up everywhere. By the time they figure it out, the fad will pass. The answer is fad and fun food. Study not needed.
  • My son in Afghanistan has been cut from three hot meals a day to one and two MREs. Surely he can do without that last hot meal, Nancy.


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Obama, Global Warming, and the National Debt

Posted by madjillmom on March 16, 2013

Strange. Pres. Obama sees and feels great urgency about the threat of global warming or climate change. He does not see or feel any great urgency to do anything about the national debt, growing as we speak to 17 trillion. He is even cool with it growing a whole lot more.

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State of the Union is Denial

Posted by madjillmom on February 16, 2013

The state of the union is Denial. The price of gas is up, again. The price of food will follow suite again. Unemployment is actually around 14%. Obama wants to spend more and more. He wants to enroll your kids in government pre-school so union teachers can help shape their minds. He wants to tax and tax, spend and spend. He wants illegal aliens to get the few jobs available. He wants them to get food stamps. He wants to “invest” borrowed money tilting at windmills. He says it won’t cost anything.

We are more than 16 trillion in debt. We are in denial.

Quit whining and starve the beast!

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Paying for Obama’s Vacations – Again

Posted by madjillmom on February 15, 2013

Yes, I cannot afford a skiing or golfing vacation. But I can help pay for the Obama’s to take separate vacations. Michele is going to Aspen and Barack is going to Florida to get some golf lessons from a famous golf instructor. This is what I predicted. The last year before the election, Michele didn’t go to any fancy vacay spots with friends and family in tow. But now that he has won again, all vacations are back in. Travelling separately is such a great thing. Going separate places is double the secret service, double the Air Force One and Two.  Sometimes the first couple likes for the dog to be flown in separately. Why? Just because they can.

The higher the debt climbs the more they travel.  PresBO likes to fly across the country to give speeches about global warming, gun control, and taxing the rich. Evidently, they equate air miles with actually governing. When Hillary left the State Department, she was lauded with only one accomplishment. Air Miles.  She had no real accomplishments beyond miles travelled and countries visited. I guess PresBO thinks that this is a proper measure of success.

Air Miles = Actually Achievement

Quit Whining and Starve the Beast!


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Obama’s Addicted “Recovery”

Posted by madjillmom on February 13, 2013

This current “Obama Recovery” is the weakest recovery after a recession since World War II. If this were a real recovery, we would not be bumping along the bottom with a few indicators up and some down. We would be zooming. Radical Dems and Obama believe that the way to grow the economy is to grow government. His “huge recovery” (as Michele put it during the campaign) is totally dependent on a fix of government spending, investing, and ongoing stimulus. Without that fix, Obama’s fabulous recovery runs out of steam.  His recovery is an addicted recovery.

With the government spending more all the time (cuts are not actual cuts, they are cuts in the rate of growth), the people see little benefit from all the investment/spending that Obama wants. With our debt constantly growing, people feel scared and do not spend. This is what is going on in our household. I look at the government under Obama as a broken, addicted to debt and more taxes, with no good outcome in the future. l

Quit whining and starve the BEAST!!!

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Really Bad Thing

Posted by madjillmom on January 3, 2012


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Greece and Germany

Posted by madjillmom on November 1, 2011

If I was Chancellor Merkel of Germany, I would be putting in a call to the head of Greece.  During that call, I would be telling him that since he has decided to put the austerity measures that Greece agreed to to a referendum of the lazy-ass Greek public, she has decided to put the Greek bailout up to the hard-working populace of Germany.

Answer “Greece and the Obama Administration”

What is “Those unconcerned about growing national debt”, Alex.

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Obama’s 10/6/11 Press Conference

Posted by madjillmom on October 6, 2011

Thoughts on this press conference:

He really likes to hear himself talk.

He lectures banks about doing business and making prudent loans.  Then he is asked question about Solyndra – one of the biggest and least prudent loans around.

He keeps saying the Republicans have been for stuff in his jobs/stimulus bill in the past and will have to explain why they aren’t now.  Explanation – $14.8 trillion in current US debt.

He keeps saying his jobs bill is paid for.  Nothing is paid for when you borrow 40 cents on every dollar the government spends.

He really doesn’t want to campaign, he wants to stay and negotiate with congress so he won’t be able to run against a “do nothing congress”. By the way, he is going on another “bus trip” in a week to promote this jobs bill.  Does he really ride the bus from town to town or does he get off after a photo op and take Air Force One to the next town?

Republicans should have their program to put people back to work scored by the independent economists that tell him his program will create millions of jobs.  Just who are these economists that have told him his bill is going to work?   Give us names.  Are they the same economists that told you that the last huge stimulus would work?

It is all the Republican’s fault and he has bent over backward to negotiate with them.  Republicans want the air to be dirty.

Only two questions about Solyndra and Fast and Furious.  Epic fail, Press.

Propping up state and local government is the only way to grow jobs.

The only way to innovate is to have government investment.  GM Volt, Fiat, Solyndra, etc.

People put off going to doctors.  Didn’t Obamacare fix this?

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