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Democrats Advocate Rudeness

Posted by madjillmom on October 13, 2012

Obama couldn’t find any reason to fault Joe Biden’s boorish and rude behavior at the VP Debate. An already arrogant Obama who looks down his nose at all lesser beings thinks it is amusing for a sitting Vice President to be so rude. No excuses, no apologies, it was just Joe being Joe.

I guess this is why Occupy Wall Street was good but Tea Parties were some kind of a horrible mob. No problem with those threatening New Black Panthers at the polls in Philadelphia trying to intimidate voters. No problem with Bill Maher calling Palin the C-word.  No problem with Snoop Dog calling Mrs. Romney a bitch.  No problem with JayZ’s lyrics.  No problem at all with a scarier, coarser, more threatening social discourse that threatens a black actress that supports Romney. Is there no level at which Obama and Biden say “too low”.  Don’t think so.


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Leak Investigation by DOJ

Posted by madjillmom on June 9, 2012

The same DOJ that can’t seem to tell us what went on in Fast and Furious is now investigating the leaks that may have come from the White House.  This is the same DOJ that didn’t pursue the New Black Panthers.  This is the same DOJ that botched the Ted Stevens prosecution.  This is the same DOJ that botched the John Edwards prosecution.

Late yesterday, the DOJ announce it has appointed an Obama appointee and a Bush appointee in the DOJ to investigate.  They will not be special or independent prosecutors.  They will work for Eric Holder.  Eric Holder will be investigating the White House.

Actually, they won’t be investigating the White House.  What they are is a quick attempt to distract a real investigation into the leaks.  From here on out until the election, the few questions the press asks about the leaks will all be stalled because of an “ongoing investigation”.  This investigation won’t really go anywhere, just like the internal investigation of Fast and Furious.

Also, why didn’t PresBO announce this at his mini-presser yesterday morning?  Did he not know about it, or did things get too hot after the presser to cause this pathetic attempt at “investigation”to be trotted out late on Friday afternoon?

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Trayvon Martin Case Jury

Posted by madjillmom on April 12, 2012

Would you like to be one of the 12 to 15 people to be chosen for this jury? Can there be fairness when fear of a race war is being spoken loudly by New Black Panthers and others?

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