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More Strange ObamaCare Numbers

Posted by madjillmom on December 17, 2013

At the end of Nov., the Obamacare enrollment numbers were said to be a little over 350,000 for the entire two months of October and November. We have been told that we can’t verify who has actually paid for insurance yet and we cannot get any new numbers until after December is over. Yet strangely, I have received information from Organizing for America, the old Obama Campaign that just won’t go away. On Sunday, they sent me an email that said 1.2 million were on the verge of getting insurance from Obamacare. Then on Monday, they sent another email that told me that 1.2 million have received insurance. Boy, the website must have really been busy overnight. How does 350,000 turn into 1.2 million? Where does the ongoing Obama campaign get that new 1.2 million number? Are they getting numbers before we can get them? Or are they just making them up?

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