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Obama’s Economy and the Bankers

Posted by madjillmom on October 2, 2013


Today, Obama called in a whole bunch of bigwig bankers for a meeting (photo-op). Many are under threat of fines and prosecution by Obama’s Justice Dept. so they came a runnin’. After Obama asked them to back his position on the Government shutdown, they came out and spoke with the press. The take away on this is when the banker said that the “recovery is shallow and vulnerable” and could not withstand an assault like the shutdown. Why is this ongoing weakest recovery unable to withstand any assault? Because Obama has done everything to make this recovery the weakest ever and he doesn’t understand that he creates headwinds the economy must fight, like Dodd-Frank, Obamacare, the Humongous Stimulus filled with green boondoggles that didn’t do anything good. Throw in raised taxes and further uncertainty and the economy (fed by crack from the Federal Reserve) keeps dragging on the bottom. Way to go, Pres. Obama. Good job. Weakest “Recovery” Evah!


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Obama’s Addicted “Recovery”

Posted by madjillmom on February 13, 2013

This current “Obama Recovery” is the weakest recovery after a recession since World War II. If this were a real recovery, we would not be bumping along the bottom with a few indicators up and some down. We would be zooming. Radical Dems and Obama believe that the way to grow the economy is to grow government. His “huge recovery” (as Michele put it during the campaign) is totally dependent on a fix of government spending, investing, and ongoing stimulus. Without that fix, Obama’s fabulous recovery runs out of steam.  His recovery is an addicted recovery.

With the government spending more all the time (cuts are not actual cuts, they are cuts in the rate of growth), the people see little benefit from all the investment/spending that Obama wants. With our debt constantly growing, people feel scared and do not spend. This is what is going on in our household. I look at the government under Obama as a broken, addicted to debt and more taxes, with no good outcome in the future. l

Quit whining and starve the BEAST!!!

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Obama’s Anemic Recovery

Posted by madjillmom on February 5, 2013

The much praised and promised recovery is so poor that we cannot cut any programs, we can only raise taxes. This is the new Democrat meme. Cutting nearly any government program will cause the anemic recovery to get even worse. Where is the recovery that Obama promised? This anemic Obama recovery is only able to survive by growing government, it mainlines government spending and borrowing or it dies. Growing government is not growing the economy.

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