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PLO/Hamas Hate

Posted by madjillmom on July 24, 2014

There have been a few times in my life when I was obsessed in a negative way about a person. It cut into my every thought and my actions. It ended up making me more crazy than I usually am. At some point, you just have to make a change in how you approach this negative emotion, before it eats you up.

If the Palestinians and Hamas would put their efforts into making their worlds better, rather than hating so much, their lives would be so much better. Stop making bombs, rockets, and missiles. Start building businesses, erecting infrastructure, educate your workforce (especially young girls), and thousands of other things the Jews did as they worked to make their homeland a wonderful place. Lots more good will come from getting out of the cycle of hate and making the land you have, the West Bank and Gaza a paradise on earth rather than a factory of hate and missiles. Israel is not perfect. They will not attack you, only answer attacks from your haters. Israel is not perfect, but it can live in peace with the Palestinians. It is the crazy hate of the Muslims that makes all this happen.

Too bad.


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Thank Goodness for Obama

Posted by madjillmom on July 8, 2014

Since giving up golf, Obama has been able to do so many good things. Here is a list of those great things.

Thank goodness Obama, Hillary, and John Kerry were able to fix the Israel/Palestinian problem. I am sure Israel has seen the error of their ways and is happy to accept all the incoming missiles of peace coming from Hamas and the Gaza strip.

Thank goodness Obama was able to help Hamas bring to justice the kidnappers and murderer of three Israeli teens a few weeks back, especially since one was an American. I am sure the whole Palestinian/Hamas population has condemned those responsible and arrested them.

Thank goodness Obama was able to bring down the price of gasoline. And groceries. Oh, yeah, don’t forget the health insurance premiums that have come down $2500 in this wonderful era of Obamacare.

Thank the Lord above that we have Obama to thank for our really secure borders. Because our borders are so secure, we are now able to turn Army bases and Air Force posts into summer camp for third world campers. Or, as Obama likes to call them, the “best and brightest” from other countries. Good for you, Barack.

Thank goodness Obama can things outside the box and be so flexible. He has really put Putting in his place. Now Putin is our friend, the Ukraine is off the front page, and we retain our Superpower status.

Thank Goodness Obama is so good at ending wars. His way really is thinking out of the box. No need to win a war, just announce when you want it to end, and voila, it’s over. And since he is so good at ending wars, we can now turn over large portions of our military bases to campers from other countries.

I know there are so many other things we can thank Obama for. Give me your list of his accomplishments. We can all be really impressed together. Having a President who is so decisive and action oriented is really a blessing.


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“What If Jews Had Taken the Palestinian Path?” WSJ 6/20

Posted by madjillmom on June 22, 2011

I read a great opinion piece in the 6/20 Wall Street Journal.  Written by Warren Kozak, it shows how the Jews would be if they had taken the same path as the Palestinians.  In 1945, the Jews were refugees displaced by Hitler and the war.  The Jews built their nation by hard work, created something from nothing but the land of their ancestral home.

“The U.N. offered the two-state solution that we hear so much about in 1947.  The problem then, and now, is that it was accepted by only one parts, Israel.” 

The Palestinians chose and continue to choose to be permanent refugees, living off welfare, nurturing extreme hate, exalting terrorism, constantly believing that the only real problem in the world is the existence of their next door neighbor, Israel.  This continues to play out, never-ending because of the choices of the Palestinians.  Kozak laments the generations of Palestinians who have wasted their lives and potential.  Years ago, I read about the difference in the hovels and trash of a Palestinian area compared to the nearby Israeli town or settlement.  Generations of Palestinians lost to hate and victimhood.  Very sad.  One group built a homeland, the other built nothing but hate.

Read this if you can get it.

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