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Personal Charity is Not as Good As Government Handouts

Posted by madjillmom on October 12, 2012

At the VP Debate last night, Joe Biden became agitated when Ryan was telling a story of Romney’s personal giving to some people in need.  Romney gives both time and money to people he has encountered over his lifetime.  It is insight into a soul who truly cares about people.  At this, Biden became agitated and said that this was all well and good, but Biden and the American people need to see policies that will help people. In Biden’s world, personal charity is nothing (as is evidenced by his personal charitable givings).  The only help that really matters to Dems the largesse of Government. Help isn’t help unless the government is the benefactor.


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Joe Biden Has Never Heard of a Dirty Bomb

Posted by madjillmom on October 11, 2012

Joe keeps saying there is no problem with the nuclear material the Iranians are making because they have no weapon to put it in, so just don’t worry. Has he never heard of a dirty bomb.  Has he never heard of Al Qaeda and all of its affiliates who would just love to buy that material from Iran and the crazy mullahs who run it.  In fact, the sanctions that are hurting the people of Iran will make it necessary for the for the mullahs to need the money from Al Qaeda and Co. to prop up their regime.

So, Joe can sleep soundly because the mullahs don’t have a missile to send Israel to Hell.  I won’t sleep soundly because Al Qaeda can pack up that material and put it in a suitcase, smuggle it over the highly protected southern border (where Border Patrol agents are killed by Fast and Furious guns), and take the Amtrax to Grand Central Station in DC or NYC.

So while Joe flashes his overly pearly whites and chuckles condescendingly and smugly, I will worry about our future if he and Obama get to continue for 4 more years.

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Mitt’s Speech

Posted by madjillmom on August 30, 2012

Tonight, Mitt Romney is giving his acceptance speech. Here is a little of what I would like to hear:

If you want a celebrity President, pick the other guy. If you want the White House to host really cool parties featuring really cool bands, pick the other guy. If you are woman who wants to be dependent on the government for all your life, pick the other guy. If you want someone who the celebrities love, pick the other guy. If you are only concerned about what government can give you, the other guy is your man. If you think being cool is really the coolest thing, pick the other guy. He will hand out benefits until he can’t borrow one more cent. If you think a weak America is good for the world, vote for the other guy. Putin, Iran, North Korea, and Hugo Chavez want you to vote for Obama.

If you are interested in results, not broken promises, vote for me. If you have children or grandchildren and want them to have a decent chance to succeed, vote for me. If you think we should have a very strong military, vote for me. If you think we are oppressed by too many rules and regulations, vote for me. If you work hard, and play by the rules but can’t get ahead, vote for me. If you went in debt for college but can’t get a decent job, vote for me. If you want things fixed, not kicked down the road, vote for me.

It won’t be easy. America needs strong medicine. It won’t taste good. I will tell you the truth, I will work to make things better. I will work to make us safe. I will not lead from behind. I will not apologize for being successful. I will not apologize for America’s strength. I will work to make America stronger. The world needs a strong America.

There are strong headwinds. Another recession is baked into the cake already. The world is full of people who wish us harm, who do not want a strong America. If we don’t work to make things better right now, it will be too late. Paul Ryan and I aren’t smooth talkers, we are doers. We can fix this economy.

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Obama Says “Romney and Ryan are Extremists”

Posted by madjillmom on August 27, 2012

PresBO is very comfortable throwing around the term extremist.  His minions are using extreme and extremist with every breath. It is pretty interesting that a man who called the Ft. Hood massacre mere “work place violence” is so able to see extremism and call it so.  He is unable to see extremists in Major Nidal Hassan or domestic terrorist/neighbor/fellow traveler Bill Ayers, or the right Reverend Wright whose church he attended for 20 years.  Yet, the specter of these two accomplished men, Gov. Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan, causes Barack and Biden to run from channel to channel yelling “EXTREMIST”!

Extreme is what this current path is.  We write “disability”checks to able-bodied fat men who spend their time being overweight babies in diapers in giant baby beds constructed by the fat men themselves. We pass 2700 page bills that no one can decipher that will control healthcare in this country. That same bill results in 12,000 pages of regulations that no one can understand. We steal from our children and give the money to green energy companies with no real prospect of surviving, with red flags all through their financials. Our bloated government lends money to friends of Biden to open a luxury car dealership in the Ukraine. We have handed out welfare to generations that now have no working role models in their lives. We encourage young people to go into debt for a college degree and then take away any hope of a good job and a better life than their parents. This is the extreme insanity that is our current government.

Yes, it is extreme to try to live within our means. Yes, it is extreme to be business friendly. Yes, it is extreme to keep a strong military in a world where there is Russia, China, Iran, Islamic Extremism and North Korea. Yes, these two men are pretty scary if you want a weakened America and a future like Greece.

If Romney and Ryan are extremists, then bring them on.  We need extreme to fix this mess.

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Paul Ryan is the Responsible Future

Posted by madjillmom on August 11, 2012

Romney did a good thing for the country by picking Paul Ryan. This was a serious move aimed at fixing things rather than being aimed at winning.  Ryan will be easier to demagogue for his budget, but his budget is the only real proposal that will help things get better.  Hopefully the stark contrast will show people who is really serious about fixing the economy.  Ryan is the best hope for my three children.  I hope he and Mitt can win.  Shame on the Obama campaign for the things they will be running on now.


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Romney Endorsements

Posted by madjillmom on March 30, 2012

Chris Christie, John Bolton, Eric Cantor, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, and Me.  All these great minds can’t be too far off.

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Go Romney!

Posted by madjillmom on March 7, 2012

I have made my peace and am supporting Romney for the Republican nomination.  We won’t be voting until May 29 here in Texas.  I will proudly go to the polls and vote for Mitt.

No, he isn’t perfect.  No one is.  Ok, he is too handsome to be real and he isn’t the guy you want to have a beer with.  The longer I go, the more comfortable with my decision I am. Perhaps I will even be sorta excited about it by the time November comes along.   I would love for this to be over.

He is way ahead in delegate count.  He has been endorsed by Paul Ryan, Ann Coulter, and John Bolton.  He has business experience. He has lots of experience in the real world.  He is devout in his religion and looks to be a faithful and good husband and parent.  He continues to put his head down and plow forward in this muddled process, doing what he has to do to get it done.  No, he isn’t exciting.  Big Deal.  Exciting got us PresBO.  We don’t need exciting, we need able and dogged.

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