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Frying Pan, Fire, Boxers or Briefs

Posted by madjillmom on July 25, 2009

Pres. Obama is probably wishing that Lynn Sweet asked the “Boxers or Briefs” question after he surprisingly called on her last at the press conference Wednesday night.  (There has been some talk that this was a question that was possibly planted – hometown paper and push to include her in at the very end of press conference.)

Today, the esteemed Professor Gates accepted the invitation to have a beer with his friend and nemesis Sgt. Crowley. (He accepted the invitation while at his vacation home in Martha’s Vineyard.  My goodness, he really is a victim of racial profiling.)  Even Newt thought it was a classy move to issue the invitation.  But I don’t think anyone was supposed to accept the invitation and prolong the news cycle on this one.  Obama wants it to go away. 

So we have the first acting stupid moment by Obama inserting himself into the issue without having the details.  Now we have the second acting stupid moment by inviting the parties to have a beer.

Other shoes that may drop:

  • The audio tape of the incident may show who did what.  What if Gates looks like a total ass?
  • Professor Gates may have a bogus charity he runs to his and his friends financial advantage.
  • If the tapes shows Gates as an ass and he runs a bogus charity/foundation, look for Pres. Obama to tell us “this isn’t the Skip Gates I know” as he is tossed under the bus with Grandma and Rev. Wright.

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Shortcuts, Torture, and Terrorists

Posted by madjillmom on April 29, 2009

Regarding the enhanced interrogation techniques, Obama said he has seen no reason to use these techniques and refers to them as shortcuts.  If they didn’t result in some good information, he wouldn’t have used the term shortcut.  A shortcut implies that it was a quicker way to the destination.  I believe that he is saying that the torture resulted in some good information.  He is also implying that these techniques were used first.  I don’t believe that.  I am sure that the treatment was slowly escalated working on a high value target.  It isn’t a “24” plot with only hours to save us from a suitcase nuke.  In fact, one of the arguments is that it didn’t stop anything because there wasn’t something going down right at that moment.  The information resulted in an early intervention in the planning stage before the act was even started.

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Teleprompter Addiction to Giant TV Methadone

Posted by madjillmom on March 25, 2009

Pres. Obama must have been stung by the teleprompter addiction comments.  Tonight he used a giant TV placed down the aisle at the news conference to deliver his opening comments.  This is ridiculous.  I guess a giant TV screen is methadone for the teleprompter.  Change is all around.

When they do something like this, I really think he is surrounded by fools.

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Helen Thomas Derangement Syndrome

Posted by madjillmom on February 10, 2009

Can’t abide Helen Thomas.  She was the reason I cancelled my Houston Chronicle subscription 8 years ago and I shudder every time I see her.  Don’t really think euthanasia is a good idea, but might make an exception in her case to put me out of my misery.   O’Reilly said someone should throw water on her so she will melt.  That’s pretty harsh, but it makes a pretty picture in my head.  Helen Thomas Derangement Syndrome.  It there a pill for my ailment?  Will President Obama’s medical plan cover that prescription?

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