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It’s the Policies, Not the Pigment

Posted by madjillmom on September 17, 2009

To:  Jimmy Carter and Bill Cosby

From:  Me

Please note the title.  Thanks for your input.

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Tea Party Protests, Diversity, and the MSM

Posted by madjillmom on April 15, 2009

Yesterday, I needed to run some errands, so I timed them so I could go to the nearby Brenham, TX Tea Party at lunchtime.  There were about 200 people there (my guess).  There were twenty or so signs.  Since it was at the courthouse square, lots of traffic going by honked in support.  Our local Congressman, Michael McCaul spoke.  I couldn’t stay the whole time.  The crowd was mostly respectful.  There were a few there that were definitely more passionate than I, but that may be because they were supporting a candidate I haven’t heard of for Governor.  I need to check out this person. 

Mostly the crowd was my age or older.  I did see a young man I know that is a Senior in high school.  It was certainly all white.  If the crowd was more diverse, whould it be more valid to the MSM?  Tax Subsidized ACORN workers/rent a mobs are generally not that diverse color wise, but they are assumed to be valid.  In the end, I believe the MSM will charge this off as angry, gun toting, redneck white men just like they did when the Republican took over the congress in 94. 

Going to the Bryan/College Station Tea Party this afternoon.  Hope there is a good crowd there.


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Good Article on Racial Issues AG Holder should Discuss

Posted by madjillmom on February 25, 2009

Gregory Kane of the DC Examiner has a good piece about racial issues that need to be discussed.  He brings up some very good points. 

Pres. Obama’s address to the nation last night only lightly touched on some issues that have racial and ethnic overtones when he talked about parental responsibility.  School starts at home.  Responsible parents send their children to school.  When does Obama address these issues to the black and latino community, the groups that have the highest dropout rate?

If you have the time, American Thinker has another great article about race by Ed Kaitz. Eric Holder’s Tragic Prison Thispiece is really scary. Should Eric Holder and Pres. Obama be talking about stuff like this?

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Attorney General Holder Inspires Me to Talk of Race

Posted by madjillmom on February 19, 2009

OK, I think I will.  Here is some of what I think:

1.  The monkey cartoon was tasteless and it caused me to wince.  I don’t think I fully understand the sensitivity of the “monkey” thing.  Could someone explain it to me?   If the joke was funny, and it wasn’t, it was calling Reid, Pelosi, Obey, etc. chimps/monkeys.  Everyone knows they wrote the stimulus bill.  I think it might have been better if Pres. Obama wrote it. 

2.  In my early life,  the monster was the bigoted Southern white male beating/killing  young black men and those who helped the cause of civil rights.  Today the monster is the young black male, a dropout who listens to gangsta wrap and treats the women around him like trash.  The monster of my youth was a threat to the black community and their ability to move forward.  Today’s monster is a threat to all of us.  But once again, he prays mostly on the black community and their ability to move forward. 

3.  I saw today that young black men are now using the word “president” in place of the “n-word”  to refer to each other.  This seems utterly ridiculous but strangely better.

4.  Eric Holder says we have a integrated workplace, but we still self segregate. Each generations goes further down the the road, is more comfortable with people different from themselves.  We do all mostly self segregate, all races.  It gets better, I think.  My grandparents used the word “niggra” as a matter of fact, and my children hear the word “nigger” all the time in the music they listen to.  Can we get any credit for the progress we make or do we need Eric Holder to lecture us?

OK, I have crawled out on the limb.  Join in this conversation.  Don’t saw the limb off.

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