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The Bus to Re-Education Camp

Posted by madjillmom on June 27, 2015

After viewing post after post in rainbow hews on FaceBook, I knew this call would come. It came, and I was instructed to go to the nearest re-education camp bus depot. But now I have to decide which bus I must board first. Here are my choices:

Lane 1 – You Must !Celebrate! Same Sex Marriage

Lane 2 – Agree with Obama’s Policies or You are a Bigot

Lane 3 – Confederate Flags Are the Problem

Lane 4 – Guns Are the Problem

Lane 5 – Global Climate Change is Biggest Threat Ever

Lane 6 – Obamacare is Working Just Like Obama Said it Would

There is a Lane 7. They were making the sign. Here is what it says: Agree with Pres. Hillary Policies or You Hate Women

I must fall in line or be ostracized. Good thing I packed a big suitcase.

I wanted to put this on FaceBook, but I am not as brave as those courageous and brave people who fought tirelessly for 10 whole years to change traditional marriage to be allowed to marry someone they love. Good Luck. I hope you will all be very happy.

#LoveWins and Tradition Dies


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Jimmy Carter Knows My Heart

Posted by madjillmom on September 16, 2009

Jimmy Carter knows what I am thinking.  I think he is kinda like the amazing Kreskin.  He knows that I am a racist, not matter what I say or write.

If I was Jimmy Carter, I would have stayed quiet after Osama Bin Ladin gave his anti-Israeli book a great review.

Quit crying racism when there isn’t any!!!

Update:  Please sing along with me.  (to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me”)

I’m a racist, this I know.

Cause Jimmah Carter told me so

Barack Obama I disdain

cause he is black and has a brain.

My apologies.

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