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Shock and Awe vs. Unbelievably Small

Posted by madjillmom on September 9, 2013

Ten days ago Sec. of State Kerry gave an impassioned speech imploring us to punish Assad for using gas against his own people, killing children and civilians in a horrible death. A strike was iminent. Flash forward to yesterday. Now Sec. Kerry tells us this punishment that must be meted out will be “unbelievably small“.

Kinda like Obama’s backbone. Don’t make threats that you won’t back up, Obama.  Don’t send your people out to talk big and then slink off to the golf course. Don’t draw the red line and then deny you drew it. You look like a ball-less fool. Either this is important, a moral imperative, or we can wait until congress votes, and then ignore the vote because you look so weak and you have made America look weak. Adopt “America, the Moral Superpower” or don’t!


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Obama’s Invisible Coalition

Posted by madjillmom on September 8, 2013

Sometimes young children have invisible friends. Obama has an invisible coalition to help him with this dreadful Syrian gas attack by that little Hitler, Assad. Perhaps the press should just humor Obama and Kerry as they tell us that other countries are with us in Obama’s grand endeavor to provide consequences for crossing his the world’s red line.

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Limited Strike on Syria

Posted by madjillmom on September 4, 2013

If you strike at a King, you must kill the King. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I do not know what should be done about Syria’s Assad. He now has time to hide all the good stuff. If he survives the strike, he will be stronger to many. I do not have access to the intel that Obama does. I am concerned that the British have backed out. Lots and lots of talk about degrading Assad but not changing the momentum. Didn’t Obama say Assad “must go”?

The use of gas is reprehensible. We are the only superpower that will do anything. If Obama has the balls, if his partisan nature hasn’t burned every bridge, if the national press holds him to account…

Obama didn’t plan very well. One overriding issue with me is the American military advisors in Jordan at the Syrian border. Makes me thankful one of our sons is in Afghanistan.

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Valerie Jarrett and Obama’s Syrian Decision

Posted by madjillmom on September 4, 2013

High dungeon and impassioned speech from Sec. of State John Kerry.

A Sequestered US Navy amassing ships near Syria at a great cost and at the command of the highest levels.

Defense Dept and State Department people told to not count on a relaxing Labor Day weekend.

Obama and some of his (political?) advisers take a walk around the White House lawn Friday evening. It is beautiful. There are butterflies flitting from bloom to bloom. Obama decides to make congress the fall guy and not take any action on his own. Kerry and Chuck Hagel are informed because they weren’t on the walk around the White House. Was Valerie Jarrett on the walk. She is Obama’s “balls”. She is the one who wouldn’t let us get bin Laden on two separate occasions. Leon Panetta and Hillary Clinton had to muscle Jarrett out-of-the-way in order to get Obama’s buy-in on the Navy Seal raid that killed UBL. Is she why Obama backed down? I wonder.

On Saturday, when we are all expecting at least a few missiles lobbed in Assad’s direction, Obama goes to play golf.

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Obama Makes the Case for Going into Iraq

Posted by madjillmom on September 4, 2013

At the joint new conference in Sweden this morning, Obama made the case for going into Iraq. He was talking about a UN resolution and how impotent they can be against despots. He said if the despots ignore the resolutions, it sends a sign to other rogue states and despots. A line must be drawn. Isn’t it the case that Saddam Hussein ignored 16 or 17 UN resolutions.

Aside from all of Obama’s long-winded answers, he cannot now deny the impotence of UN resolutions, and he now knows that Sweden condemns the gas attack but does want a UN resolution. So much for allies in this possible action. The DNC head, Debbie Wassermann-Schultz has told us we have lots of allies, she just can’t tell us who they are!  This is so funny. But remember, children have died.

Obama also told us he didn’t draw a red line, the world did. Then let’s all sit back and wait for the world to do something about it.


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Mimi Pelosi and her 5 year-old Grandson

Posted by madjillmom on September 4, 2013

Former Speaker San Fran Nan tell us why she supports a strike on Assad by telling us about her conversation with her little grandson. How touching.

Here is what USA Today had to say about her visit with Assad in Syria in 2007:

“We came in friendship, hope, and determined that the road to Damascus is a road to peace,” Pelosi told reporters after her talks with Assad.

Hey, Nancy, did you tell him just how charming Assad was when you visited him in 2007. Did you tell him how then Pres. Bush did not approve of your outreach to Assad at the time. Did you tell him how you were pretending to be the Sec. of State instead of Speaker of the House. Did you tell your grandson just how Assad fooled you into thinking that he was a reformer. Did you explain that you had a really nice time with a war criminal who should be prosecuted by the Hague. No, you were too busy telling people that Bush was a war criminal.

Sec. of State John Kerry, weren’t you able to spot Assad’s Nazi Uniform under his western suit at your lovely dinner in 2009? Did Teresa and Mrs. Assad discuss the latest trends in Paris fashion as you and Assad shared cigars and brandy and world politics? Maybe you too need a young grandchild to help you form your opinions in 2009.

And even Hillary, looking to Assad the Reformer for help in manipulating the Middle East.

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