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Paul Harvey Dies

Posted by madjillmom on March 1, 2009

As I was going through the sites I look at daily, Hot Air had the info from ABC regarding the death of Paul Harvey at 90. So sad, but a life well lived. The 18 year old son that is home this weekend walked in a little later. I told him Paul Harvey was dead. He looked sad for a moment and then said in his best imitation “Paul Harvey -(strung out then pause)- Good Day” in that distinct way we always heard. I had to laugh.

We live in the country and I never made my kids ride the bus to school as they would have had to board it so early. So, the boys were rounded up and loaded in the car. We listened to WTAW in College Station on the way. Talk Radio, not their choice, mine. Each morning, we listed to Paul Harvey on the way to school. It did make a good impression on the kids.

Later, my son came to our room again, drawn by the voice of Rush Limbaugh in a clip from CPAC.  I looked at him and he was dissappointed that he could bring to voice the intro music he heard for years. He needs a refresher course I guess. Don’t think there is a Rush Room on campus. I began listening to Rush in 1989 while pregnant with the 18 year olds. It was a godsend to me.

The voice of Rush remined Warren that when he was little, the boys and I went to pick up my father at the Houston Bus Station during Rush. Warren (3 or 4 maybe at this time) made my dad smile as he accompanied the intro to Rush. Warren remembers this as a red letter day. They don’t have that many memories of my Dad who really didn’t know how to be a Grandfather.


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