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Obama Claims Over 1/2 of Sign-ups are New to Health Insurance

Posted by madjillmom on April 11, 2014

At the pep rally for Kathleen Sebelius’ resignation at the White House today, Pres. Obama made the statement that over half of the 7 million sign-ups are people who have never had health insurance before. Is this true? I don’t believe that the government has this statistic yet. Write it down, over half.

This claim may turn out like the other things Obama has said about Obamacare. You know, $2500 savings per family, you can keep your doctor or your plan, bend the cost curve…


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Obamacare Website Needed 2 More Years

Posted by madjillmom on October 23, 2013

Kathleen Sebelius told us yesterday that if they had two more years to work on the website, it may have been better. So she wanted five and a half years to make it good. It only took 6 years to build the first continental railroad in the 1860’s.

If you had a great idea, say a new type of revolutionary cell phone to sell, and you took 5 years to build the website to sell it, it would be obsolete before you sold the first one.

Sebelius is a big government solves everything liberal who couldn’t manage a lemonade stand. She better come to the table with updated costs next week. If she weasels on the cost, she should have to pay the difference out of her pocket. Already this is a monstrously expensive roll-out with Steny Hoyer (D) calling for more funds to be dumped into it.

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ObamaCare Update – Part 11

Posted by madjillmom on October 18, 2013

Tried again to open an account on Obamacare website. No luck. They keep telling me they can’t open my account at this time and further telling me that my security answer have to be totally different. Believe me, they are different.

Reports are saying that Obama is trying to make insurance companies  keep quiet about the huge mess, mess, mess of data that is coming in from the website. This administration promised to be the most transparent ever is being heavy-handed and trying to shut up critics. Or they are trying to keep information from the press.

The denial of problems with Obamacare is becoming quite hilarious. The numbers suck and they can’t or won’t admit it. No one will be held accountable as usual.

Now Sec. Kathleen Sebelius won’t come to Congress and talk about it. She has time to go on late night TV, but not time to go to Congress and explain the situation. The sign-up numbers, the cost overrides, and the accountability must make Obamacare look like the boondoggle it is.

Remember, Republicans tried to stop it, delay it, and repeal it. Dems shoved this law down our throats with promises of a utopian world were everyone gets what they want. Remember who did this.


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