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When Obama Sends Signals — What Happens?

Posted by madjillmom on August 26, 2013

Obama spoke on two occasions about Trayvon Martin, telling us he could be his son and telling us that Trayvon Martin was him. Is this a signal to the young, black men of America to act out to get revenge for Trayvon? There have been several hate crimes aimed at white people since the Zimmerman verdict. Did the thugs in OK who killed the Australian college student and the thugs in Spokane who killed the WW2 Veteran get the signal from Obama that Trayvon was killed because he was black?

Obama blames the Coptic Christian for making an You-Tube video that offends Mohammed and Islam, and then he vowes to punish the filmmaker. The Muslim Brotherhood burns Coptic Christian churches and kills Christians in Egypt.

Obama draws a red line warning Syria’s Assad that chemical weapons will not be tolerated. Assad uses chemical weapons and Obama does nothing. So Assad uses them again last week. Did many die because Obama’s speech about a game changer resulted in no action when it happened the first time?

When Obama inserted himself in the infamous arrest of his college professor, Henry Louis Gates, he tells us the policeman “acted stupidly”? What happened then? I felt that I was not important to Pres. Obama. This feeling has been reinforced many more times. Does Obama care about white people?

Obama wanted the world and the country to think his intervention in Libya was a success. Further he wanted us to believe that Al Qaeda is on the decline, on the run. So what happened? Benghazi.

Obama and Hillary send a signal to Russia that they want a reset. What happens? Obama pulls missile defense from Poland, offends our ally, and things are certainly “reset”. Unfortunately, they are now resent in favor of Vlad Putin and a resurgent Russia. Now Russia knows that Obama is a paper tiger. Russia now props up Syria’s Assad, jails punk rock groups, and harasses gay people. That reset was a great signal.



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Obama Administration Change Their Story

Posted by madjillmom on September 20, 2012

After 10 days of denying the obvious, the White House now tells us that the attack on the Consulate in Benghazi was a terrorist attack, having not much or nothing to do with a silly movie. Now they even say that it was self-evident that it was a terrorist attack, planned and executed on 9/11.  Evidently, it wasn’t self-evident enough to Jay Carney, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton and PresBO.

So I guess all that talk was the Obama Administration shooting first and aiming later.

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Optimists and Diplomats

Posted by madjillmom on September 13, 2012

I have read some stuff about the murdered Ambassador. First, he was in the Peace Corps. I wonder how many people in the Diplomatic Corps volunteered for the Peace Corps?  I am going to guess it is a pretty high percentage. The Secretary of State’s own book, “It Takes a Village” pushes this “together we can make a difference” kind of thought.  Who can be against that?  I guess I can.

I suppose Diplomats are an optimistic lot. They think talk can fix anything.  It can, but it has limits. Particularly when dealing with non-Western people. They come from the Peace Corps, with hands on experience in dealing with the third world.  Provide water wells, teach them to farm, inoculate against disease, learn their language, and they will love and respect you.

There has been much made of how respected this Ambassador Stevens was. He knew the language, he was very hands on. He made a wonderful video about how excited he was to help the Libyans make a new government. He was so optimistic. But was he a realist? Were his eyes open to the ugly underside of where he was? Why was he not at the secured Embassy in Tripoli on 9/11? Why weren’t all Embassies in Islamic countries locked down with extra security on Tuesday? Does everybody have rose-colored glasses from Obama to Biden to Hillary to Stevens?

I know that man was a husband and a father, and I do not like to speak ill of the dead. He apparently was an idealist, and I think this is one reason he is dead. No, it isn’t his fault, but it did play a part. I do not want to blame the victim. Strangely, this phrase usually refers to rape victims, and there is some concern that the Ambassador was raped before he was killed. Can we have a State Department with optimism and realism.  With Peace Corps dreams and pragmatic realism that sees Muslim extremism, Putin’s megalomania, the never-ending fount that feeds the third world with so little to show for it.

Recently, as Hillary has traveled, there have been several reports or her having things thrown at her or other gestures of disrespect. Isn’t this a tip-off to someone of how loved and respected we are. If the world doesn’t love Hillary and Obama, we are really in for some bad times.

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Reports from Libya

Posted by madjillmom on September 12, 2012

There are reports that the people the Libyan so-called government had protecting our Embassy actually told the small (how small?) but vicious group where to find the Ambassador. So, if this is true.  Libyan government agents helped kill the Ambassador.

I have also seen pictures of who I think is the Ambassador and there are reports he was dragged around the area like Somalia. How long ago was that?  So long. So brutal. Why can’t we learn the lesson that they want our money, but not our help. They hate us. Ghadafi was neutered, a bad guy, but neutered. Yes, he was hurting his own people. The pressure got bad and Obama went in. Now, our Ambassador has possibly been dragged through the streets.

If the deaths were as a result of an RPG, why is it said that the Ambassador was suffocated?

Obama, Biden,  and Hillary need to stop running around asking the Islamists to love us. Romney is so right about mixed signals sent.

Also, new reports of Al-Qaeda at the 9/11 protest in Cairo.


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Putin’s Armpits and Obama

Posted by madjillmom on June 18, 2012

Obama is trying to RESET with President Putin.  Again.  Only now, the stakes are higher – thousand of dead Syrians and an ongoing civil war.  Obama has bent over and gotten Putin’s shaft in all dealings with Russia.  I suggest that Obama rub up in Putin’s armpits. I have seen enough of those testosterone medicine commercials and I am pretty sure Putin gets some of this medicine regarlarly.  Obama needs some of this in a bad way.  Putin has absolutely no fear of Obama.  Obama is neutered by Putin.

Romney at least sees the problem with the imbalance with Putin/Russia.  It snuck up on Hillary and PresBO.

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Hillary Concerned About Extremists and Women

Posted by madjillmom on March 12, 2012

This past weekend, Hillary, Sec. of State, told us she is concerned about extremists that target women.  This is translated to “those awful Republicans want to steal your  lady parts!!!!”.

About the same time, Egypt’s new radical leaders came out against the UN’s Basic Women’s Rights.  Egypt is running headlong into the stone age and Hillary is concerned about a law students stupid inability to find cheap enough birth control for her recreational sex.  Egypt now says the basic human rights that women all over the world should enjoy fly in the face of Islamic beliefs. Thank goodness PresBO supported the Arab Spring so Egyptian women can welcome the new misogynist overlords.  PresBO, Sandra Fluke and Hillary are only concerned with that noted misogynist Rush Limbaugh. I am sure the women of Egypt appreciate Hillary’s concern for Sandra Fluke and her expensive birth control.

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North Korea Needs Attention

Posted by madjillmom on November 23, 2010

Two short, fat leaders of N. Korea are demanding Obama’s attention.  Just yesterday, Hillary went on record to say how there is a concern if eye-witness reports of their nuclear program’s sophistication.   Today, there are missiles killing S. Koreans.  Both Obama and Hillary have sat back quietly while N. Korea threatens the world, sinks ships, and elevates a 20-something to the status of General to take over after the little dictator dies.   Daddy gave the Army to Sonny Boy.  Wonder if he is just playing with it now.

Will Obama do anything about it?  Can he go up against China?  Another great day for Obama to impress us all with his nuanced foreign policy.  Someone remind him we have troops in the DMZ, please.

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