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Obamacare Co-ops

Posted by madjillmom on March 10, 2016

The brilliant people who wrote the Obamacare law knew better than all the corporate actuaries that have studied the risk numbers in insurance for hundreds of years. They thought the answer to those evil for profit insurance companies that employ those experts to maximize profit were evil and greedy.

So out comes government funded co-ops in the socialist mode. Billions of dollars later, cronies on the take, and more than half of the co-ops are done for. Lots of money is owed to doctors and hospitals. The co-ops are supposed to pay the money back, but that won’t happen. In fact, Obamacare has handed out more money to them even in the face of bad business models that are actively failing. Kinda like Solyndra. Just keep telling us it is working while giving more money to a fail business model. Now most of the remaining co-ops are on life support, transfused with our money to prop up a silly notion of competition and covering the uninsured.

In most cases, the people who ran these things are Dem cronies who have paid themselves generously to run these things into the ground. Don’t just look at their pay, look at their Dem bonafides and their “consulting fees”. That tells the whole story. Obamacare is crashing…


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Obama Fires Someone

Posted by madjillmom on October 24, 2013

Hillary Clinton for her part in Benghazi…

Kathleen Sebelius for Obamacare roll-out…

Eric Holder for Fast and Furious cover-up or Fox News James Rosen indictment lies…

Energy Secretary Chu for Solyndra and other green energy debacles…

Nah, non of those people. But if you snark on twitter about Valerie Jarrett (Obama’s brain), Hillary, or John Kerry, you are outta there! No matter the same guy snarked about Dana Perino, Darryl Issa, and a bunch of others on the other side. The problem was snarking about Dems. If the guy had only snarked about Republicans, he would still be employed.

So incensed about the twitter snark, they White House spent a few years tracking him down. They did a sophisticated sting by feeding him bad info to see if he would reveal himself. Amazing. Do not twitter about the emperor and his lack of clothes. Obama has a twitter account and many other administration officials have twitter accounts. Is that a firing offense? Throughout the shutdown, lots of snarky twitters about Republicans were seen from the White House. But if a staffer denigrates those around Obama on twitter, full-scale investigation all the way to firing!  If the guy had only snarked on Republicans, he would still have his job.

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Obama and the Pipeline

Posted by madjillmom on July 31, 2013

I have been out-of-pocket and really busy these last few weeks but I had to post something on Obama’s comments about the Keystone Pipeline. Yesterday, Obama derided the 50 permanent jobs the pipeline would create. As Steven Hayes said last night on Special Report, that is 50 more than Solyndra made. Obama said the pipeline wasn’t a jobs program because it will only result in 50 permanent jobs. A pipeline will employ thousands during the build out, but will eventually only provide employment for 50. Obama wants a “jobs program” from the government, and ignores the issue that the pipeline is not a government program, but rather an actual business that won’t cost the government money. In Obama’s warped view of things, only a government program is the answer to high unemployment. Only government spending and stimulus can create jobs.

Also today, economic growth numbers have come out again in the anemic range. They even lowered the growth numbers of the first quarter again. Without the oil industry growth, these GNP numbers would be even bleaker. Obama seems not to understand the government jobs suck life out of the economy, while companies and corporations create jobs that benefit the economy. His answer is always more spending or investment.

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Obama Raises Gas Prices

Posted by madjillmom on October 2, 2012

Gas prices have gone up. They have doubled. Obama’s golf score has plunged.

Mitt Romney is rich, and he wants to control your lady parts. 

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Old Jobs Now New Green Jobs

Posted by madjillmom on June 8, 2012

One of the job numbers cons that the President uses is taking existing jobs and re-labeling them as Green Jobs.  When the President and his Energy Department hands out money hand over fist to Obama’s fundraisers and bundlers, you need to have a good jobs number to go along with that.  So, you take old regular jobs and re-label them as “green”.  Then you tell everyone that there are 50,000 new green jobs.  So what if these jobs are just re-labeled and not new.  They are deemed “green”, thus new and a feather in Obama’s cap.  Now, because there are so many new green jobs, you can continue to waste money on investing taxpayers money in your friends/supporter’s green companies.  This is a win-win for Obama.  But if you want one of those new green jobs, you had to have an old regular job that is re-labeled.  No real gains in green, just shuffling the deck chairs on the USS Obama and lots of stimulus/investment to Obama’s cronies.

Years and years of investment in green energy has yet to result in an affordable solar system for either residential or commercial operation.  I would consider buying one but it seems that the payback is decades and not years.  If American solar cannot compete with cheap Chinese solar, why aren’t there cheaper solar systems using Chinese panels?


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Bain Capital vs. Obama

Posted by madjillmom on May 23, 2012

Which seems to be the more fair?

Mitt Romney gets funding from individuals and pools that money to invest in companies, using those funds to save some companies and to sell off others that aren’t so strong. At weak companies, people are laid off, companies are restructured, and sometimes, they are sold off at a profit.

President Obama takes taxpayer funds and funds borrowed from China and our children and grandchildren.  Then he and his cabinet find friends and other cronies and they hand out money to questionable “green” companies by the bucketful.  Minimal very temporary jobs are created and the Energy Secretary changes the law so that some of that money goes straight to Obama supporters in payback.  Now the taxpayer has nothing to show for Obama’s leadership and stewardship of taxpayer’s money.  The much touted jobs are now gone.  People who thought they had a good job are laid off.  Companies are bankrupt and the taxpayer is screwed.

Which scenario shows real leadership?

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Obama = Government

Posted by madjillmom on April 23, 2012

I just listened to PresBO’s speech at the DC Holocaust Museum.  In the speech, Obama takes credit for trying to prevent holocausts in our current day.  He tends to take personal credit for such things. “I have sent…”,  “I took action…”, “I appointed a committee to keep women from being raped in war…”, “I sent troops to help capture Koney in Africa…”.  All this personalization of government is a peril for Obama.  In the wake of the GSA scandal, the Secret Service Scandal, the bloated stimulus being handed out to bankrupt solar firms, never-ending waste and fraud, bad choices after bad choices.  Obama is the first to claim credit and the first to assess blame to others for bad choices.

Obama’s push to take credit for all things government may bite him on the ass as people are increasingly do not trust the government to do the right thing.

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Vulture Capitalist

Posted by madjillmom on January 12, 2012

Shame on Perry and Gingrich for slamming Romney as being a vulture capitalist.  Both should know what happens without vultures.  You are up to your ass in decomposing flesh.  In fact, if Romney was a vulture capitalist then he has some good skills that are really in need.

Think of it.  Romney took over nearly bankrupt companies. He then reorganized them, cut out benefits, slimmed  them down.  In some cases the companies survived and in some cases the companies died.  He may get the chance to take over our inefficient and bankrupt federal government.  He will slim it down, cut out the fat, eliminate benefits, cut stupid programs.  He will have to cut the over-promised and under-funded pensions of government workers.  Maybe he can get the government to live off less than it collects in taxes, thus producing a “profit”.  I know, PROFIT is a bad word to Obama. Also, note that Romney didn’t do this with taxpayer’s money like Obama did for GM, Solyndra, etc.

If Romney has this type of experience, I would consider it a feature, not a problem for him.

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Steve Jobs and Government Investment

Posted by madjillmom on October 6, 2011

I am struck by the coincidence of the death of Steve Jobs and the ongoing story of the failure of the US government’s investment in Solyndra. Thank goodness Steven Jobs was able to get a loan guarantee from the government for his vision of a life changing Apple Corporation.  Would we have an I-Pad without this generous foresight of the US government?  No.  Would be able to pop in a dvd of Toy Story to entertain ourselves without a government handout to pursue these great ideas?  Never!

Same situation with Microsoft, FaceBook, and Walmart.  None of this would have been possible without the loan guarantees from a benevolent and all knowing government.  Further, to compete with China, we must do this.  The goal is to compete with China, a communist government by subsidizing industry.  I’m pretty sure I am right about all this.  Government as venture capital.  This morning’s news shows a great man dead and information that the government was considering giving more loan guarantees to Solyndra.

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Obama’s 10/6/11 Press Conference

Posted by madjillmom on October 6, 2011

Thoughts on this press conference:

He really likes to hear himself talk.

He lectures banks about doing business and making prudent loans.  Then he is asked question about Solyndra – one of the biggest and least prudent loans around.

He keeps saying the Republicans have been for stuff in his jobs/stimulus bill in the past and will have to explain why they aren’t now.  Explanation – $14.8 trillion in current US debt.

He keeps saying his jobs bill is paid for.  Nothing is paid for when you borrow 40 cents on every dollar the government spends.

He really doesn’t want to campaign, he wants to stay and negotiate with congress so he won’t be able to run against a “do nothing congress”. By the way, he is going on another “bus trip” in a week to promote this jobs bill.  Does he really ride the bus from town to town or does he get off after a photo op and take Air Force One to the next town?

Republicans should have their program to put people back to work scored by the independent economists that tell him his program will create millions of jobs.  Just who are these economists that have told him his bill is going to work?   Give us names.  Are they the same economists that told you that the last huge stimulus would work?

It is all the Republican’s fault and he has bent over backward to negotiate with them.  Republicans want the air to be dirty.

Only two questions about Solyndra and Fast and Furious.  Epic fail, Press.

Propping up state and local government is the only way to grow jobs.

The only way to innovate is to have government investment.  GM Volt, Fiat, Solyndra, etc.

People put off going to doctors.  Didn’t Obamacare fix this?

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