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They Annointed Him, Now Debate Him

Posted by madjillmom on March 5, 2009

Pres. Obama and his minions are furiously trying to annoit Rush Limbaugh as the head of the Republican party.  Then they want all Republicans to disavow Rush in some way.  All this is a distraction to cover what they are doing.  Now they are the ones who say Rush is the head of the party.  They want to appear to be bi-partisan.  Seek out the ideas they say we don’t have.  Now Rush has thrown down the gauntlet and called for a debate with Obama.  How can they say he is the head of the party and not debate ideas with him? Now they will have to backpedal and say that they weren’t really serious.  Either way, they look stupid.  Especially as the market continues to dive.


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Yes We Can Deliver Vast Changes without Guns – Maybe

Posted by madjillmom on March 5, 2009

Pres. Obama was transparent about his plans.   Many just wanted to go with his appealing self and didn’t really study what his plan and past performance were all about.  Now many who thought he wasn’t going to govern from the middle are waking up to reality.  I too had hope that his past wasn’t his future and that he knew there are limitations to the government.  I think Obama believes in his MSM slobbering press. 

Socialism and Communism have come to many countries in the last century.  It seems to me that these changes arrive in two ways – creeping (Europe and Canada) or quickly at the point of a gun (USSR, Cuba).  Obama is trying to get it done quickly without guns under the guise of crisis.  He wants to do it all. 

He probably could make us take the terrible medicine if he gave us a spoonful of sugar. First the pork laden stimulus bill, the market goes up 1000 points, then the Omnibus Bill, the market goes up a 1000 points, then the healthcare placeholders in another huge budget, the market goes up 1000 points.  Instead, he has forgotten to give us the sugar, barreling ahead with his previously stated plan.  I think he thinks that the continued market slump to depression is more crisis to force change upon us. 

We don’t work that way.  Most of us feel that there is something fundamentally wrong with quick change.  Most of us think you can’t do several things well and fast.  Whoa, go slow.  Do it right.  That is the way we think.  By, the way, I do not think that anything Obama is doing is desirable or right.  Now we are beginning to see what he intends and everyone is beginning to put n the breaks.  Slow down, examine the issues.  Even some Democrats are pulling back from the edge.  Or at least I hope they are. 

If Obama thinks he can do it fast without guns, I think he is mistaken.  After viewing this video yesterday, I am fairly certain he knows the military will not do his bidding.  Maybe he can arm his Czars.  It seems like there are enough of them to stage a coup. Kinda ironic…

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Easy Bank Fix

Posted by madjillmom on March 1, 2009

Jeffrey Carter at Pajamas Media has this post on fixing the banks.  I have heard repeated calls for the repeal of Mark to Market since early last summer.  The other two items seem reasonable to try.  Now my question is why haven’t they been tried?  Which constituency benefits from this crisis?  The only benefit is to those who want much bigger government.  Using this crisis to implement lots of “change”. 

These ideas don’t transfer taxpayer money to the balance sheets of banks.  It doesn’t sound like accounting gimmicks.  What don’t I know about this whole process?  Yesterday, I read somewhere about private individuals trying to buy good performing loan bundles for 14 cents on the dollar.  The bad loan bundles/assets aren’t worthless.

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Is Pres. Obama Ignoring the Market?

Posted by madjillmom on February 23, 2009

Other than the administrations’ minor comment regarding the nationalization of banks, Pres. Obama seems to be ignoring the market at this point in time. Almost daily, he comes out and tells us how transparent the Stimulus package will and should be, how we should live within our means, and how he will hold mayors and governors to account if they waste their stimulus money. But there has been no direct acknowledgement of the markets fall since the stimulus bill was signed. Something tells me if the market was falling like this under a republican, the country would be accusing the President of “fiddling while Rome burned”. Even Bill Clinton said something about how he should appear to be more optimistic. Does Pres. Obama doubt his ability to talk the market up? Or does he want things to get worse? If that is the case, what does he have planned? Pay as you Go doesn’t really reassure the market at this point. Neither does increasing taxes the rich and the corporations.

Shouldn’t the greatest orator of our times address the market’s fall to make us all feel better?

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