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The Clinton’s are RICH!!! OMG

Posted by madjillmom on June 25, 2014

After several mishaps on Hillary Presidential Campaign Book Tour, regarding their wealth and how they got it, Bill has come out to tell us how it is with them and their wealth. They have made millions. They have peddled their influence and have sold their daughter to the highest bidder. Good for them. I want our Presidents to live in relative wealth after serving our country. Just don’t ask me to believe that they go to the grocery store just like us. Hillary hasn’t cooked a meal in decades, just like she hasn’t driven in decades. They aren’t just like us. Next, Bill will tell us he and Hillary eat dinner together every night. They barely see each other. They have used the system and now want us to believe that they hang out at Target with Michelle Obama. They could buy Target.

Thank goodness that Chelsea is making $600,000 per year at NBC in exchange for access to the Clintons. She can sock some away to help Bill and Hillary pay off those loans for her expensive education and pay for Bill’s care in the old folks home.


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Michele Unchained – Meat Inspectors Furloughed

Posted by madjillmom on February 25, 2013

As I have predicted, the First Lady is no longer in the “I’m just like you. I shop at Target. Vote for Barack.” box. She is unchained. She has used government money to go to the Oscars. She probably got a very nice dress from a very good designer to give out the Best Picture Oscar. Yes, she is just like us. Well, maybe not just like us.

No, she isn’t. I didn’t watch the Oscars. I haven’t seen any of the movies they nominated. I do not know most of the names of the actors. I watched Duck Dynasty last night. When I saw the clips this morning of the surprise visit of Michele to the Mecca of leftist money, my first thought was the cost.  I guess a few more meat inspectors will be furloughed and a few more children will lose their government babysitters. Sequestration evidently won’t affect this fun-loving,, high-flying (on our dime) First Lady.

The second thought that shot through my mind was did the administration trade this for not even mentioning Hollywood in the gun violence debate.

Update: She didn’t fly to Hollywood. She evidently did video clips for all the nominees during an inaugural ball with military props in the background. And by props, I mean people in the military. So I guess the soon to be sequestered meat inspectors are a bit safer.

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Michele Obama in Rehab

Posted by madjillmom on September 30, 2011

I find it amazing that this morning we are being treated to pictures of the First Lady schlepping around Target.  This is the White House’s attempt to rehab the First Lady.  We are supposed to believe that she regularly goes to the same stores we go to, dressed just like we dress, carrying out bags of the kind of stuff we would buy.  Last week she was wearing a $42,000 bracelet.  Some reports that her travel expenses are exorbitant have come out this summer.  So, time for the PR guys to send her to rehab, or Target.  Amazing how the photographer just happened to catch this shopping spree.  Gone are the expensive bracelets and the $500 ugly tennis shoes.

If you believe that Michele really shops Target in her ball cap on a regular basis, you probably believe that the President was only on the west coast last week to promote his jobs bill and he didn’t attend 7 fundraisers in the space of a few days.

Remember, she is just like you and me.  I might believe it when she turns up in my Walmart.

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