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Strike by Fast Food Workers

Posted by madjillmom on August 29, 2013

Dear Fast Food Worker:

Yeah, go ahead and strike. After all, you are a professional. This job flipping burgers and schlepping shakes is your dream job. It is what you went through 12 years of school for. Oh, I’m so sorry. You didn’t graduate from High School. But somehow, you knew it was what you wanted to be. A fast food worker.  A worker, not a supervisor or an assistant supervisor. Not a shift manager, and not a cashier, because you aren’t really good with money. But you are great with french fries after a three-month training period. Heaven knows how hard you work. That is why my order is always correct and fast.

Go ahead. Strike. There will be lots of 16 years olds who might like your job. And remember, if this silly ploy works, a lot of the increase in pay will go to the union you will end up joining. And if your job is in a poorer neighborhood and is close to your house, don’t look for that place to stay open. You are gonna have to take a bus or two now because the poor folks who live near you won’t be able to afford the hamburgers you flip, so the franchise will close. But that is ok. You are a professional burger flipper with a couple of kids and it is only right that you be paid $15 hour. Not everyone can fix a Big Mac. It takes a lot of book learnin’ to squirt that special sauce, you know. Prove to the world why you are now worth $15 an hour. After you take the cigarette break and call your parole officer.


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Obama Is Incapable of Compromise

Posted by madjillmom on November 14, 2012

Second verse, same as the first. Because he considers himself always right, the President is incapable of actual compromise. He is doubling down on tax increases and will not get real on cuts in entitlement programs. The press stands by, unwilling to push him for specifics. Obama has been a one trick pony on raising taxes on the rich acting like this is the answer to all our ills. Go ahead, kill the golden goose.  Watch the market react to this lack of basic economic understanding of Obama on what makes jobs.

Another signal he is going on in just the same way, he met with Unions and all the leftists yesterday and has not met with business yet. I guess he thinks unions are responsible for creating jobs.

Remember when he told Letterman that we just need to tax the rich and make a few other minor adjustments to fix the economy. Remember when Michele told us we are in a huge recovery. Not in my world.

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Obama Doesn’t Care About the Military

Posted by madjillmom on September 7, 2012

The Obama administration missed the deadline congress imposed on them to get specific about the cuts that will be necessary because of sequestration. I guess Obama is just to busy campaigning to run the country. Sequestration will hit the military very hard. Obama is choosing not to lead again. If you think that unemployment is bad now, wait until the cuts in the military come down. He will cut troops willingly. He won’t cut union jobs manufacturing weapons that aren’t needed or wanted, in districts that he needs votes from.

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Government Motors Makes Obama a Rube

Posted by madjillmom on March 2, 2012

Last week, PresBO gave a stirring speech before the auto workers, telling them how bad the Republicans are because they don’t support the massive bailouts of GM.  He told them it wasn’t a payoff to the unions.  He even told them he would buy a Volt in 5 years and drive it around after he leaves the Presidency.  Huge crowd roars approval.

Flash forward this week.  GM announces that they will have to lay off Volt workers for 5 weeks because of poor sales.  Doesn’t this make Obama look like an idiot?

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Tea Party Influence vs. Union Influence

Posted by madjillmom on March 31, 2011

Many Democrats are using talking points to try to convince us that the Republican party has undue influence by the angry mob of tea-partiers. God, I hope so.  The Dems look to harangue the Republicans for cutting spending in a draconian way while under the heel of the Tea Party movement.  At the same time, the press is questioning if the Tea Party movement has lost it’s steam.

If the question is who has too much influence with the political parties, I would love to see the Tea Party have undue influence on the Republican party.  Which undue influence is stronger and to what end is the influence?  The Tea Party wants less government and bigger cuts.  The Dems Union influence only wants more benefits for unions.  The unions (most particularly government employee unions) want everybody to fund their easy ride to high pensions way earlier than most who work for private industry.  They want government contracts at inflated prices for all unions.  They wanted Chrysler bondholders to get nothing while their union got huge chunks of the auto industry.

This argument is a winner for Republicans.

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Paying the Hotel Bills

Posted by madjillmom on March 10, 2011

Democratic Wisconsin State Senators have been holed up in Illinois hotel rooms for over three weeks.  Who is paying their hotel bills?  Are there under-the-table donations for these hotel bills and breakfast buffets at Shoneys?  Would such donations be legal? I would like to see some disclosure.

Also, if the Tea Party members acted like the Union “Workers” acted in mobbing the Wisconsin Capital last night, there would be no end of condemnation for the angry mob.  Pretty much no outrage over the angry union mobs.

Also, the Union has had people protesting at the Capital for more than 3 weeks.  Just when do Union workers actually work?

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Wisconsin Whining

Posted by madjillmom on February 18, 2011

The Republicans have a majority and the governorship in Wisconsin.  They want to vote on the bill that will have government employees and teachers pay about 5% toward their pensions and 12% toward their health insurance.  The bill will no longer allow collective bargaining on benefits, but will allow collective bargaining on salaries.

This bill has caused the unions and the Obama’s Organizing for America (his campaign group funded by the Democratic National Committee) to go crazy with whining, protesting, littering, and lying by calling in “sick”.  In some cases, the teachers have brought students to protest for them, though it is pretty evident that they do not even know what they are protesting about.

The Democratic lawmakers have decided that because they do not like this bill, they will take their ball and go out of state.  They are duty bound to be at their post in the legislature but they do not like losing, so they left instead.  Pres. Obama has said that there just needs to be conversation and a little give and take, but evidently the Democrats in Wisconsin haven’t heard about the new civility that was supposed to be according to the powers from on high.

The teachers have a decent wage making around $50,000 per year.  This is about the same as the average wage in Wisconsin.  The difference comes in the benefits.  Government workers and teachers have benefits that are around $30,000 per year as opposed to the private sector having around 1/3 of that at $10,000 per year.  This is part of the problem.  The unions claim that they have given up wage increases to have the better benefits and that should be honored.  So apparently there argument is that they would be really better off the the average private sector worker, so they shouldn’t have to pay even less than the private sector pays for pensions and insurance.

On top of this, the teachers are staging sick outs and shutting down schools.  This puts a burden on parents.  The demonstrations and disruptions (all legal) are probably burdening the police.  The demonstrators are going to the governor’s street had to be closed so his kids would be safe going to school earlier today.  The teachers made the decision to disrupt their work to demonstrate, egged on by their unions.  The governor should demand that the days missed should be made up over however many weekends are needed to get caught up. If there is no compromise to be made, and the state is running out of money, start laying off government workers and teachers.

There are supposed to be some counter demonstrations tomorrow.  Probably Tea Party types that can’t just walk out on their jobs during the week.  I wonder if the government workers and teachers will be out tomorrow since they don’t have to call in sick?


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Republicans with Backbones

Posted by madjillmom on February 17, 2011

New Jersey Gov. Christie pirouettes on the third rail of politics and shuts down a tunnel project because it costs too much.  Florida Gov. Scott tells the Obama administration that they don’t want a high-speed rail boondoggle that will cost the state too much money.  Wisconsin Gov. Walker wants to stop collective bargaining by teachers (calling in sick and protesting).  He wants them to pay some of their health insurance costs and contribute more to their over-inflated pensions.  He may call out the National Guard.

Note to the Republicans in DC:  Be bold.  Do not back down.  Obama and crew want you to serve up the bad tasting medicine.  Do it. The federal government has hijacked my kids’ futures.  Be bold on their behalf.  STARVE THE BEAST!!!  Restore their future.

Note to the Whiners:  Quit whining.  WE ARE BROKE!!!

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Investment Defined

Posted by madjillmom on January 25, 2011

Investment:  When the government takes money from us and gives it to some special interest.  In the current form, it is given to the unions (infrastructure) and “green energy” bets, probably destined to fail.

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Union Members are Chumps (2)

Posted by madjillmom on June 9, 2010

Organized Labor spent millions of dollars on the Dem. Senate Primary in Arkansas. They backed Halter over Lincoln. Either look like they won’t win in November at this time. Couldn’t that money have been better spent on the union’s underfunded pension fund?

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