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Celebrating UBL Death

Posted by madjillmom on May 2, 2011

Evidently the Muslim world isn’t thrilled about the spontaneous celebrating happening in our country re: the killing of UBL.  Turnabouts fair play.  We weren’t so thrilled when they celebrated 9/11 around the world.

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Usama Burning in Hell

Posted by madjillmom on May 1, 2011

Waiting for over 40 minutes for Pres. Obama to speak on the killing of UBL.  I realize they had to wait until confirmation but why is the statement so late?  Didn’t they have a statement ready as soon as they suspected the situation.  Why the delay?

Pakistan officials should pay for harboring him in a mansion.  Or should I say Pockeestan?  Will the President emphasize deference to the Muslim street?

Whose mansion?


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