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VA Emphasis on Green Energy

Posted by madjillmom on June 19, 2014

While they were denying care to vets and lying about their appointments in order to get bonuses, the VA was spending lots of coin to make some facilities (including cemeteries) green. This post at SultanKnish spells it out.

This parallels the State Department under Hillary. They were spending a lot of money at a European embassy putting in plugs for electric cars at the same time that Ambassador Chris Stevens was begging for extra security in Libya.

Our government is out of control. Redskins trademark, windmills in cemeteries, and electric car charging stations in Austria.


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More Bergdahl Lies

Posted by madjillmom on June 4, 2014

This morning a video has been released by the Taliban. It shows Bowe Bergdahl walking to the helicopter in relative decent health. The Obama administration has used his health as a reason for not following the law that requires informing congress of the swap. Turns out they lied.

Another lie. The first is Susan Rice telling us he served with “honor and distinction”. Another lie is that the Taliban 5 will be well monitored in Qatar. About the same time the President was telling this lie, Rueters was putting out a story about just how little supervision is going to be there for the Taliban Dream Team.

Next lie to be debunked will be the notion that there was a change in status for the Taliban 5. The President says they are not as dangerous and could be traded. Two years ago, they were too dangerous to trade. The administration has evidently chosen to ignore the experts on these men and relabeled them as docile jihadists in order to trade him for Bowe Bergdahl. Now that some of the most dangerous have left Gitmo, most others will follow.

Obama and his administration had planned that his Rose Garden moment with the parents of Bowe would make him look like he really cares about our troops. It was designed to divert attentions away from the VA scandal. They expected the press to be compliant and play it like they planned. Too bad a lot of info is coming out to debunk the lies.


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Obama and the VA

Posted by madjillmom on May 21, 2014

Obama is on TV telling us how the VA has been a high priority for his administration. He mentions that he was on the VA Committee in his brief time in the Senate. So if he was always focused on it, why is it still this bad. Calling for another study. Will wait until it comes but will always care about our veterans.

Someone please find out how many VA Committee meetings he attended while in the Senate. Someone ask him why this is all news to him if he was on that committee. Also, please ask how often he has met one-on-one with Gen. Shinseki during this 6 years of his administration?

Jay Carney has recently told us that Obama only found out about the problems from the news. How could that be? Oh, yeah, they lie.

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