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Gun Control Craziness

Posted by madjillmom on January 10, 2013

Andrew Cuomo is screaming about weapons bans and confiscation. He tells us we do not need ten bullets to kill a deer. It isn’t about killing deer. It hasn’t been about killing deer. After banning so-called “assault rifles”, they will be going after larger capacity clips/magazines.

Let me ask Andrew, Sheriff Joe, and PresBO just what kind of weapons the bad guys have. I would hazard a guess that the gangs of all major cities have high-capacity clips and magazines. Why can’t we have that? After Sandy and the looting, after Katrina, after Chicago everyday without a natural disaster, why would average people not be allowed access to a weapon that could handle multiple threats at the same time. There is no guarantee that only one person will threaten you. In a civil disaster, when you need to protect yourself, you may need more than ten bullets. Once again, it isn’t about Bambi’s mom, it is about a gang of people and threats on your life, liberty, and property.

There is a lot of press about a woman near Atlanta who unloaded a clip on a single man while that man was going through her house. What if this woman shot and killed a gang member. What if three weeks from now, the man’s gang decides to get revenge and the gang goes back to the house?

I do not expect any rational approach to this.  The gun violence in Obama’s home city of Chicago is off the charts and they have restrictive gun laws.  King Obama will waive his royal hand and the edict will be done. No need to worry about the silly Constitution and those other branches of government.


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Democrats Advocate Rudeness

Posted by madjillmom on October 13, 2012

Obama couldn’t find any reason to fault Joe Biden’s boorish and rude behavior at the VP Debate. An already arrogant Obama who looks down his nose at all lesser beings thinks it is amusing for a sitting Vice President to be so rude. No excuses, no apologies, it was just Joe being Joe.

I guess this is why Occupy Wall Street was good but Tea Parties were some kind of a horrible mob. No problem with those threatening New Black Panthers at the polls in Philadelphia trying to intimidate voters. No problem with Bill Maher calling Palin the C-word.  No problem with Snoop Dog calling Mrs. Romney a bitch.  No problem with JayZ’s lyrics.  No problem at all with a scarier, coarser, more threatening social discourse that threatens a black actress that supports Romney. Is there no level at which Obama and Biden say “too low”.  Don’t think so.


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Personal Charity is Not as Good As Government Handouts

Posted by madjillmom on October 12, 2012

At the VP Debate last night, Joe Biden became agitated when Ryan was telling a story of Romney’s personal giving to some people in need.  Romney gives both time and money to people he has encountered over his lifetime.  It is insight into a soul who truly cares about people.  At this, Biden became agitated and said that this was all well and good, but Biden and the American people need to see policies that will help people. In Biden’s world, personal charity is nothing (as is evidenced by his personal charitable givings).  The only help that really matters to Dems the largesse of Government. Help isn’t help unless the government is the benefactor.

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Joe Biden Has Never Heard of a Dirty Bomb

Posted by madjillmom on October 11, 2012

Joe keeps saying there is no problem with the nuclear material the Iranians are making because they have no weapon to put it in, so just don’t worry. Has he never heard of a dirty bomb.  Has he never heard of Al Qaeda and all of its affiliates who would just love to buy that material from Iran and the crazy mullahs who run it.  In fact, the sanctions that are hurting the people of Iran will make it necessary for the for the mullahs to need the money from Al Qaeda and Co. to prop up their regime.

So, Joe can sleep soundly because the mullahs don’t have a missile to send Israel to Hell.  I won’t sleep soundly because Al Qaeda can pack up that material and put it in a suitcase, smuggle it over the highly protected southern border (where Border Patrol agents are killed by Fast and Furious guns), and take the Amtrax to Grand Central Station in DC or NYC.

So while Joe flashes his overly pearly whites and chuckles condescendingly and smugly, I will worry about our future if he and Obama get to continue for 4 more years.

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Attack in Yemen

Posted by madjillmom on October 11, 2012

On the anniversary of the USS Cole Bombing, a Yemeni citizen who was responsible for security at the US Embassy is murdered by a greatly diminished Al Qaeda.  I am surprised that the Obama administration isn’t telling us it was a silly YouTube movie,

Meanwhile, back around the globe, Syria and Turkey are fighting, Moscow is sending missile parts to Syria and Turkey finds the plane filled with those parts,  and there is no clear mission in Afghanistan due to escalating killings of our troops by the ANA/Afghani police yet we are still leaving on Obama’s 2014 schedule. Oh, yeah, yesterday Sec. of Defense announce that we have soldiers on the ground in Jordan on the Syria border trying to figure out where Syria’s WMD stocks are. Anyone else a bit concerned about this announcement?

Hillary/Biden/Obama are standing by while things grow more and more unstable, just hoping to hold the lid on the boiling pot until after Obama is re-elected in November. Someone like a real journalist should ask them why they think they are doing well in foreign policy and smart diplomacy.

Big Bird must be really happy.

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Optimists and Diplomats

Posted by madjillmom on September 13, 2012

I have read some stuff about the murdered Ambassador. First, he was in the Peace Corps. I wonder how many people in the Diplomatic Corps volunteered for the Peace Corps?  I am going to guess it is a pretty high percentage. The Secretary of State’s own book, “It Takes a Village” pushes this “together we can make a difference” kind of thought.  Who can be against that?  I guess I can.

I suppose Diplomats are an optimistic lot. They think talk can fix anything.  It can, but it has limits. Particularly when dealing with non-Western people. They come from the Peace Corps, with hands on experience in dealing with the third world.  Provide water wells, teach them to farm, inoculate against disease, learn their language, and they will love and respect you.

There has been much made of how respected this Ambassador Stevens was. He knew the language, he was very hands on. He made a wonderful video about how excited he was to help the Libyans make a new government. He was so optimistic. But was he a realist? Were his eyes open to the ugly underside of where he was? Why was he not at the secured Embassy in Tripoli on 9/11? Why weren’t all Embassies in Islamic countries locked down with extra security on Tuesday? Does everybody have rose-colored glasses from Obama to Biden to Hillary to Stevens?

I know that man was a husband and a father, and I do not like to speak ill of the dead. He apparently was an idealist, and I think this is one reason he is dead. No, it isn’t his fault, but it did play a part. I do not want to blame the victim. Strangely, this phrase usually refers to rape victims, and there is some concern that the Ambassador was raped before he was killed. Can we have a State Department with optimism and realism.  With Peace Corps dreams and pragmatic realism that sees Muslim extremism, Putin’s megalomania, the never-ending fount that feeds the third world with so little to show for it.

Recently, as Hillary has traveled, there have been several reports or her having things thrown at her or other gestures of disrespect. Isn’t this a tip-off to someone of how loved and respected we are. If the world doesn’t love Hillary and Obama, we are really in for some bad times.

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Two Acts of War – Three Dead

Posted by madjillmom on September 12, 2012

Two attacks on America on the anniversary of 9/11.  Three Americans killed in Libya, including the American Ambassador, Chris Stevens. Libya, where some of our smart diplomacy was “working”.

Obama and Hillary, thrilled with the Arab Spring uprising in Egypt, stiff arm Mubarak out. Mubarak was flawed to be sure. But he was a friendly. There were young people in the street, demanding greater freedoms.  What could go wrong? Pretty much everything. Now there is a fat, ugly Pres. Morsi, an Islamist who kisses Iran’s butt.  The young have less freedoms, the military that we fund is neutered, Coptic Christians are being killed, and the Embassy is under attack. Obama, Biden (the foreign policy booster put on the ticket, LOL), and Hillary were so sure of everything.  After all, they are the smartest three people in America.

Then, there is an uprising in Libya. Obama and our military to the rescue. Can’t sort out who is who, but want to get Ghadafi out. Promise it will only be a few weeks. Gather a coalition. Bomb the government forces because we are told there is a genocide. Not a few weeks, more like 6 months.  Ghadafi shot in a ditch by rag-tag insurgents. Big checks going from US to Libya that now barely has a government. Some more of that smart diplomacy. Flash forward to now. Embassy attacked, Ambassador killed with two others. First default of Administration, apologize for offending the ugly bearded men who hate us.

Don’t even get started on Syria, where Asad (son of a crazy dictator who killed 20,000 of his own citizens) was considered to be a moderate reformer by Hillary.  10,000 + dead and almost a year of killing, a true genocide, and a civil war born while we offer the usual sanctions and UN letters. I guess this means Obama has learned his lesson. thank Allah for on-the-job training. They didn’t teach this stuff in Community Organizer School.

As all Islamic extremists hit the streets, burning Bush Obama in effigy, killing other Muslims and hoping to score another Ambassador, or the brave Marines outside the Embassy, or maybe some soldiers in Afghanistan. All because there was a movie somewhere and Islam is an intolerant religion.

Meanwhile, let’s diss Israel and Netanyahu. Let’s let Iran get stronger. Let’s let their young take to the streets and hear no words of encouragement from the great orator Obama.

A movie about Mohammed hurts their feelings. Too damn bad.

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Joe Biden Uses the Military Dead for Politics, Too

Posted by madjillmom on September 7, 2012

Strangely, a good Catholic boy (well maybe good is too much), mentioned those who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. How wonderful.  Problem is he called them “fallen angels”.  Not a very good term. Fallen angels are those Angels who turned away from God and went in with Satan.  Good move, Joe.  Why didn’t someone catch this. Has no one in the campaign or White House have any knowledge of the Bible?

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Can Frank N. Stein beat Obama in 2012?

Posted by madjillmom on November 22, 2011

I find it hard to commit to any one Republican candidate.  I would like to make a new candidate using the best parts of the current crop of candidates.

Here is what I would want:

  • Doggedness  and bluntness from Michelle Bachmann
  • Folksyness from Cain and Perry
  • Newt Gingrich’s debate ability and brains
  • Cain and Romney’s business experience
  • Paul’s libertarian views on the constitution and his desire to cut full departments (though I do not want his foreign policy stuff)
  • Santorum’s experience in the congress plus his quiet staunch conservatism
  • Perry’s willingness to address Obama’s policies as socialism – a brave move
  • Romney’s focus on Obama as the one to confront

Meet Frank N. Stein, a more perfected candidate to my way of thinking.  Remember, any of them is better than what we have.  So  whoever comes out is my choice.  The best way to perfect the one candidate is to pick a great VP.  Almost anyone will make Sheriff Joe look like the buffoon he is.

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Summer of Recovery

Posted by madjillmom on August 6, 2010

Sheriff Joe and President O are spending quite a bit of time this summer telling us all that we are recovered.  Just remember to watch the nice speeches and events, but do not look at the numbers.  This recovery is anemic at best at this time.

Another of Obama’s economic advisers has given notice.  Christina Romer wants to wing it back to academia where her theories don’t face reality.  Plus, she needs to get back to that job before the higher education bubble bursts and she is in the unemployment lines with everyone else.

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