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War on Ebola and the Flu

Posted by madjillmom on September 16, 2014

So now, Pres. Obama is going to send 3000 “boots on the ground” to fight the scourge of Ebola in Africa. There have been over 4000 cases reported and at least 2500 deaths. I looked at the CDC website to ascertain the number of deaths due to seasonal flu in the US and if I am reading the chart right, the average number of deaths due to flu is annually 6000.

ISIL has killed way more people than Ebola this year and there are only 1500 “advisors” ¬†on the ground (sans boots) working on a war against ISIL, or whatever term the Obama administration feels serves it political end is using today.

On another War front, the War on Poverty has consumed over $20 trillion in our tax dollars without any appreciable change in the rate of poverty.

Question: If the incubation period on Ebola can be 21 days, how can we catch it on airlines or at ports here. An Ebola patient sneezes in a taxi or vomits there. The taxi driver picks up another passenger soon after and takes him to the airport. The passenger boards a plane for America and goes to Chicago or Dallas.

I have been told that one of our kids will be deploying in December or January. I think I would rather him advise on eradicating ISIL rather than Ebola.

Once again, Obama is late to the party on Ebola and ISIL.



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Obama and Income Inequality

Posted by madjillmom on January 21, 2014

Obama and the Dems are railing about income inequality and hope to ride it to more Dem wins this year. Meanwhile, their policies make the rich richer, the poor more stagnant, and the middle class hurting.

News Flash: Since time began, there has been income inequality. Obama and all his minions cannot change this. In the beginning, the biggest caveman was a better rock thrower and his belly was filled while other lesser cavemen didn’t eat as well. Bigger and smarter took the prize. Stupider and lazier sealed their fate and made little money.

There have been artificial barriers erected. Slavery, race, and a lack of access have certainly been there. But many of these barriers have come down in our country. So now, what is the excuse.

Obama can have an impact on income inequality. His way is to take from the hard working and give it to the “victims” of poverty. The war on poverty has done this for 50 years with little result and 20 trillion of wasted money. He can tell all people but mostly minorities that there is a key to becoming successful. Don’t have children out of wedlock, don’t take drugs, study in school and graduate, speak real English without swearing, don’t take the rent money and buy the latest Nike shoe, take any honest work and give an honest days work in exchange for pay. Climb over barriers. Don’t wait for the government to remove them. There are some other common sense things that can be done. But Obama only wants to talk about giving more handouts to the poor. More government programs won’t help. Reward good behavior and punish bad behavior.

We have lost the War on Poverty even worse than the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Government Assistance Vs. Charity of Old

Posted by madjillmom on May 8, 2013

During my lifetime, charity has become the business of government. Before the “War on Poverty” began in the 60’s under LBJ, before it sucked up 16 trillion in our taxes, it was mostly the community that met the needs of those too down and out to make it. Then the government became the “one stop shop” for all help, permanent and temporary. Thus the shame disappeared.

If you needed help in the past, your neighbors helped and the churches helped. Word got around and help came to you. A hand up. You knew the people who gave you help. So, if you were doing something like drinking excessively, the community knew and the shame might make you stop the bad behavior. The help would dry up if there was no change in your disfunction. Now we send all in need to the government, they fill out some paperwork, and the checks start rolling in. Next they go and get a free Obamaphone they aren’t eligible for. Then they tell their sister to do the same. Whoever processes the paperwork is a faceless entity, providing from cradle to grave. No shame, no real change. 16 trillion that hasn’t worked and won’t ever be enough.

My sister requests that her small, aging church help out oneof the communities needy ones. What she gets back is “the government can help with that”.

If the welfare state worked, we would have reduced the need over time. We haven’t. The “War on Drugs” hasn’t worked and the War on Poverty hasn’t worked.

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