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Fiscal Cliff Bill Goodies Traced to Baucus and Obama

Posted by madjillmom on January 7, 2013

This article from the Washington Examiner explains why your taxes went up.  Warren Buffett, GE, and others who have an in with Max Baucus (Dem Senator from Montana) got the goodies. Why did Obama want this included in this bill? Why won’t the MSM ask him about this? So GE can now keep its profits offshore and not pay any taxes? It pays to have friends in high places.


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Obama’s Itch to Tax the Rich

Posted by madjillmom on April 11, 2012

Obama is going the full court press with a basketball emblazoned with his humble visage on this.  The answer to all  problems is taxing the rich.  All future cuts in spending or cuts in the rate of increase in spending will be couched in the same way.  Why should we cut this benefit when we could simply institute the Buffett Tax on the evil rich?  The price of gas is going up, we should tax the rich?  So what if the facts fly in the face of this argument.  The Buffett rule or tax will result in enough revenue over ten years to run the government for a week at the most.  Obama talks about the rich needing to pay more and further wants to know how to spend this imaginary windfall.  He doesn’t want this money to pay down our debt, he wants to spend more, as always. Obama keeps saying it is about fairness, but he never seems to learn that the middle class is tired of watching the poor suck up their entitlement while doing nothing to contribute.  The rich and the middle class do contribute and are responsible.  The entitled cradle to grave takers are “sitting on their couches waiting for the government check”.

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Obama’s Mantra – Tax the Rich

Posted by madjillmom on September 20, 2011

Bo, the White House dog, has ringworm – Tax the Rich

Michele woke with an ingrown toenail – Tax the Rich

Hurricane Irene flooded the northeast – Tax the Rich

Double Bogey on the Last Hole – Tax the Rich

Warren Buffett feels bad because he pays a lower tax rate than his poor, hard-working secretary – Tax the Rich

Drought and Terrible Fires in Texas – Tax the Rich

Heartburn after Campaign $35,000 per plate Rubber Chicken Meal – Tax the Rich

Japanese Tsumani  and near Nuclear Meltdown – Tax the Rich

Housing Starts Down – Tax the Rich

Housing Starts Up – Tax the Rich

Underemployment at 15% – Tax the Rich

The answer to all life’s problems – Tax the Rich

Tax the Rich, Pass this bill Now, Tax the Rich, Pass this Bill Now, Tax the Rich, Pass this Bill Now.  Go on another vacation.  Tax the Rich, Pass this Bill Now…

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Does the Stock Market love Obama’s Stimulus Bill?

Posted by madjillmom on February 16, 2009

I am not certain that the stock market really likes the plans that Pres. Obama is bringing forth in a real piecemeal fashion.  It was clear on Friday the 13th that the Stimulus Bill was a done deal.  The market fell again on Friday, reflecting a 5% drop since Pres. Obama came into office. On Tuesday, Sec. of the Treasury gave us the rough, theoretical overview of the outline (written in pencil only) of TARP 2 and the market didn’t like it or didn’t like the “deer in the headlights” style of presentation.  It fell almost 400 points that day.  This week, we look forward to the signing of the Stimulus Bill (in Denver on Tuesday, why?), Pres. Obama’s plan to do something about foreclosures,  and the Big Three (ha,ha) plan to be financially solvent.  I feel like we are waiting for the Obama financial plan centipede to drop the next shoe.

I thought by this time all the plans would be out there.  I thought George Soros and Warren Buffett would be out there throwing money at the market.  Where are they?  The president they supported is in office now, better pull some money out from “somewhere” (see posting for 2/10 posting – Tax Cuts Accorging to Obama) and prop him up before more of us lose confidence in his ability to fix anything.

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