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Occupy Wall Street and Dim Prospects

Posted by madjillmom on October 6, 2011

I have generally felt that the MSM-hyped movement Occupy Wall Street is a bunch of crap with a bunch of clueless young people doing what young people do generally – back extremely liberal ideas in the name of utopian goals.  This general feeling I have about them is reinforced by their association with and unions.  Most of their demands are laughable such as a $20 minimum wage and forgiveness of all existing debt by banks.

Then I started reading some of the handwritten bios and situations put forth on  Some of the people are clueless as I suspected and bad at spelling and grammar.  Most are whining, but there is still something that comes through.  Many are young people with tremendous college debt who can’t find a good job.  They have been duped by the notion of expensive college educations and grad school ad nauseam nostrums regarding creating a good life.  Many feel the only way out is to go to more grad school.  These things are changing and many have and will be stung by the old thinking that school debt is good debt that will be made up quickly along the way.

As a person who is Tea Party, I don’t think I have much in common with the Occupy WS youth, yet I still feel the overwhelming sense that my children will have much harder lives because of the mistakes of the past.  There is a strong sense among both groups that those who played by the rules are getting screwed.  The youth are losing their promised bright futures.  It is sad.  Tea Party people feel that government is the problem, Occupy Wall Street groups think corporations are the problem and government is the answer to everything.


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