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You Can’t Handle the Truth from Romney

Posted by madjillmom on September 18, 2012

The MSM and all the Dems can’t seem to handle the truth.  Last week, Romney spoke about how the administration should not have apologized for our free speech rights.  The press went nuts, blaming Romney for practically all ills in the world while ignoring the President’s policies and the hand they have played in Death of the American Ambassador. As a candidate, Obama regularly questioned the Bush administration foreign policy, and that was just fine with the press.  Now Romney states that it isn’t good to disparage one of our rights enshrined in our Constitution in the Bill of Rights. Obama went to Vegas to appear before adoring cheering crowds, but that wasn’t unseemly.  Only Romney’s comment on free speech.  By the way, the Obama administration backed off the free speech twitter that came from the US Embassy.

Now the MSM has ahold of a recording of Romney telling his audience that Obama has a high percentage of vote because people are dependent on government, that these people think they are victims, and that they feel they are entitled.  Whoa, Nelly!  Romney has spoken the truth once again. When Obama spoke of bitter people clinging to their religion and guns, the press applauded. When Romney speak the truth about a huge percentage of people clinging bitterly to their government checks and benefits, the Press/MSM and the Dems come unglued at the seams.

Obama wants to tell these people that taxing the rich will keep the checks coming.  It won’t. Taking the rich won’t fund the government but for 10 days. We don’t have the money and the people who are dependent on government and the Dems don’t want to hear the truth of it all.

Disability goes to one in 16, Food stamps are going to one in 6, handouts are a way of life, not based on real need.  Otherwise, why would an able bodied man in California be paid disability because he feels a need to sleep in a giant baby bed and wear diapers.  That is the truth. We soon will not be able to help those who really do need the help.

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Pres. Yes We Can says No You Didn’t

Posted by madjillmom on July 16, 2012

PresBO tells successful people they didn’t make it on their own.  He tells them they aren’t as smart as they think they are.  This is all prelude to how great government is and how they owe what they have to others more deserving, like the folks on welfare to work gutted by Obama last week.

Our smartest President ever tells us he is smarter than them all.  Still waiting on those college records, Mr. President.  I want proof you are the smartest President ever.

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King Obama and Welfare

Posted by madjillmom on July 13, 2012

Kathleen Sebelius, Sec. of HHS, has sent out a new edict from King Obama regarding welfare.  Essentially they are gutting the “Welfare to Work” reform from the Clinton era.  One of Clinton’s crowning achievements is watered down.  No matter it is a law.  King Obama has spoken.  Don’t worry about actually going to work. Work is hard.  It is so hard to get a job.  Millions of people not yet on welfare are finding it hard to get a job. It is Bush’s fault.  Don’t worry your pretty lazy ass.  King Obama wants you to get a check even if you aren’t looking for work, training for work.

Today, it has come out that there are less than two people working for every one person receiving a benefit. That is ridiculous.

When King Obama doesn’t like the law, he has his administration ignore the laws and grant waivers to his friends. Don’t like the Defense of Marriage Act.  No problem, don’t defend it.  Can’t get the Dream Act passed. No problem, issue and edict and then water down the edict “rules” to let more qualify. (First it was 800,000 illegals, then it is 1.4 million.) Don’t like Clinton’s welfare to work laws/reforms.  No problem, grant waivers. Your checks will keep coming.

Oh, and by the way, are you registered to vote. Please vote for Obama to keep those checks coming.

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