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Sandra Fluke Campaign Event Draws 10 People

Posted by madjillmom on October 21, 2012

Obama and crew trot out their pretty little victim, the one the evil elite Catholic Law School mistreats by not providing free birth control. Drudge reports through Reno Gannett newspaper that she appeared before 10 people. It wasn’t reported whether all the 10 were named Julia or whether they had eyes.

As Michele Malkin says “Vote with your lady smarts, not with your lady parts.”


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Obama Hides Behind Strong Women

Posted by madjillmom on October 17, 2012

For a man who is supposed to be strong, this President uses women as no other has.  Yesterday is point in case.

He lets Candy Crowley run interference for him on Libya.

He lets Michele tell us there is a roaring recovery and Obama is not full of himself.

He lets Hillary simultaneously impale herself on her sword while throwing herself under the speeding Obama bus.

As an extra, he tells us he made girl babies, so he is concerned.

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